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Why join Silly Monks? 

We’re an established YouTube enterprise partner handling a Multi Channel Network of 500+ channels over the last six years. We enable our unique plethora of creators to make the most of their talents, efficiently channeling the various facets of becoming a successful online creator. We also facilitate the various rewards and perks of doing business on YouTube.

What we do:

1. Content Publishing- We shall train you with the best practices and help you independently create, manage and publish content to constantly keep your audience engaged. 

2. Copyright Management- Beware of infringers. We are enabled with various copyright tools to protect your content. 

3. Cross Promotions- We create and strategise unique campaigns and cross promote your content in relevant channels.

4. Workshops (Youtube)- We conduct regular workshops on the different aspects of content production that can help you tell your story better and engage your audience effectively through brand building, fan engagement, collaboration and more.

5. Creator Collaborations – We help you collaborate with similar creators and widen your audience base. 

6. Content Syndication –  We also help you syndicate the best content you create across an arena of various distribution platforms and help you maximise your revenue.

7. Quality control- We make sure to keep a high bar for the kind of concept that you are building and help you to maintain a standard in terms of production quality.

8. Audience engagement- Our Audience development team shall help you get closer to your loyal fans. We believe that each fan of yours is a potential brand ambassador for you.

9. Branded Content – Branded content is the next big thing and if you are looking for a brand to collaborate with you, then you need to follow a few steps and maintain a very good standard in terms of content. We shall integrate various relevant and marketable brands to collaborate with the content that you create in your channel.

10. Merchandising- You want to see your own merchandise? We can help you make and distribute relevant customised merchandise for your channel. 


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